Topic Products designs advanced high-performance FPGA boards and systems on module for applications with any or all of the following characteristics:

  • must be easily designed and programmed (as distributed hardware-software task graphs)
  • are safety critical
  • require high dependability (fault tolerance, high up time, etc.)
  • require high-performance computing
  • are highly dynamic require high flexibility (partial dynamic reconfiguration made easy)

The Dyplo framework makes it easy to design dynamic high performance applications using advanced FPGA dynamic partial reconfiguration techniques.

Project Description

Using FPGAs in space (satellites) or for safety-critical applications is problematic, because soft-errors can cause the value in memories to change. This can lead to wrong behaviour of applications. In FPGAs the situation is even worse than for SOCs because the logical functions programmed in the FPGA fabric can change due to one of these bit flips. In this project you will define and implement methods and architectures to detect errors, and either fix or avoid them. Possible directions include: (triple/dual) modular redundancy, hardware & software heterogenous implementations of the same function, scrubbing, fast reset & reboot, etc.


Hardware design (VHDL).


Topic offices in Best (just North of Eindhoven), or at the TUE.