Problem Statement

Safety and security play an important role in complex embedded systems that are connected to the outside world. As the number of applications and connections in e.g. a smartphone grows, the potential for faults and misuse increases steeply. These risks can only be addressed through techniques that address fundamental weaknesses in the data integrity of such systems, e.g. encryption, signing and CRC checks.

The Electronics Systems (ES) group has developed a real-time multi-core embedded platform that is at the cutting edge of embedded systems development. One distinguishing feature is that it can execute multiple applications in complete isolation from each other, while providing guarantees on timing and correctness of functionality. However, an application can still be compromised as a result of (transient) faults or attacks from the outside world. The goal of this project is to develop such techniques for the CompSOC platform in software.

Project Description

Algorithms for e.g. encryption, signing and CRC checks are readily available. The idea of the project is to design a hardware accelerator (and C driver)for programmers that improves the safety and security of embedded applications, making use of the right algorithms.

Required Knowledge

VHDL or Verilog design