Altran is working on expanding its knowledge on Ultra Low Power design and IoT, and we want to create a demonstration of our abilities / Proof of Concept, e.g. in the context of NWO project “ZERO: Energy-autonomous sensors for IoT”. We want to develop a meeting room occupancy display system. This system consists of a server that knows about the occupancy of our meeting rooms, augmented by displays at all of our meeting rooms that show the room’s occupancy for that day. Currently available systems use WiFi and need battery replacement every 3 months. This is not what we are looking for. We want to do better: The displays should be wirelessly connected to the database server and harvest the energy necessary for their operation from available light. The display could be (possibly multi-colored) e-Ink so that it doesn’t use energy when it is not being updated. The radio should not use much energy, so current thoughts are Bluetooth Low Energy / Bluetooth Smart. The amount of information exchanged with the meeting room database should be limited, and the meeting room information update interval should be around 5 minutes. The display should be updated at least once a day to show the current day’s occupation, and may be updated during the day if changes to the meeting room’s occupancy have occurred.

Project Description

In this project you will investigate how to create a wireless, energy harvesting node that displays the occupation of a meeting room for the current day. Define the requirements in more detail and define a HW/SW architecture and communication protocol that can satisfy these requirements. If any time is left implement functionality as much as possible. Topics include estimation of harvested energy, energy modeling, defining actions based on available energy, radio protocol study, study suitable displays, evaluation board selection, harvester selection, Power Management solution, Ultra Low Power design, minimize CPU calculations necessary for display update. Some ideas for realization are available and subject for discussions.


C programming. Affinity with HW programming, simple HW design (stringing various HW together for prototyping; we should be able to help)


Altran Intelligent Systems office in Eindhoven (Limburglaan 24, 5652 AA Eindhoven)


Kees Goossens