TOPIC Embedded Systems

Since 1996 we have built on our expertise in embedded system development. Ever since we have realized many often socially relevant systems and products for our customers. These products have excelled in the medical, space, aerospace, and safety domain. The added value of working with TOPIC lies not only in our vast software know-how but also in our expertise and experience in hardware and FPGA design. With all this knowledge and expertise (175 employees) we try to make the world a little better, healthier and smarter every day. On a turnkey basis, we help our customers to reach from an idea to the final end-product.

TOPIC Healthcare Solutions

Our motto: “We bring technology and workflow together”

TOPIC Healthcare Solutions is a technology company leveraging digital healthcare to deliver a new perspective on clinical workflow management in operating rooms and cathlabs. Combining an understanding of clinical workflow processes, smart sensors, mathematical models, and deep learning algorithms; the Topic Healthcare Solutions team transforms the complexity of clinical processes into a transparent and smoothly running flow. Our first product WISH (Workflow Information Systems in Hospitals) is a dynamic solution for ORs and Cathlabs. Using real time data from the sensors, WISH detects relevant steps in an operating procedure to determine the accurate end-time, and to re-schedule the following operations. WISH also identifies the presence of all instruments needed as well as the location of patients. WISH can easily be integrated into an existing hospital infrastructure to provide better service and safety to patients, support staff to experience balanced working days, and increase an organisation’s overall efficiency.

Project Description

TOPIC Healthcare Solutions is developing an advanced operating room (OR) dynamics analyser. In the complex and challenging environment of an OR, specialized hardware has to be implemented in order to quietly annotate the workflow in and around ORs. All the information coming from the hardware needs to be cleaned, transformed, organized, and processed in order to obtain meaningful predictions of the OR workflow. As part of our group you will be involved in the development, improvement, and testing of an innovative machine learning framework that has the ability to follow the work of the personnel performing a chirurgical procedure, and to predict key moments during the procedures. This technology is developed in-house by TOPIC Healthcare Solutions, it has exciting capabilities that pass completely unnoticed by the medical personnel while it makes their daily workloads significantly more predictable.


We are searching for a student with good bases in programming and statistics, previous experience in data analysis is a plus. Basic proficiency in python, PostgresSQL, and machine learning techniques are highly appreciated. Basic knowledge in Linux, C++, and deep learning would make you an excellent candidate. The candidate needs to be willing to get hands-on in a project which involves mostly software, yet it includes constant communication with our hardware team.


Topic offices in Best (just North of Eindhoven).