5P670 - Advanced Topics in Multi-Service Data Networks I subject information

academic year
target group course
EIT, year 4, Semester 2 Block E (Optional, English)
ICT (Technological Designer program), year 1, Semester 2 Block E (Optional, English)
MEIT, year 1, Semester 2 Block E (Optional, English)
target group variations
EIT, year 4, 5-year course eit (Optional)
MEIT, year 1, Master Electrical Engineering (Optional)
ECTS credits BaMa
learning objectives Extend the theory of communication networks (as provided in course 5JJ90) towards Quality of Service (QoS) in Multi-Service Data Networks. With a sound knowledge of QoS principles and approaches students should be capable to make proper architectural design decisions for QoS-capable networks. A brief introduction into the tools for network performance analysis should facilitate students to deal with simple network dimensioning problems
contents After a brief summary of IP networks, QoS basics will be discussed in terms of definitions of QoS, typical QoS requirements of application classes, and procedures and mechanisms for QoS provision, e.g. scheduling, buffer management, routing. The Integrated Services and Differentiated Services concepts will be introduced as frameworks for QoS in small and large scale IP networks. Then the particular QoS mechanisms for traffic characterisation as well as for scheduling and queuing will be presented. Finally, appropriate tools for network performance analysis will be introduced including a short excursion int network calculus using Min-Plus algebra.
provided by
Department: Electrical Engineering
Subdepartment: Information and Communication Systems
Section: Electronic Systems (responsible)
prior knowledge
5JJ90 - Computer Networks (compulsory)
follow-up subjects
5P680 - Advanced Topics in Multi-Service Data Networks II
Visiting lecturer (responsible lecturer)
Secretary Electronic Systems - EH 9.24 - - tel. 040-2475195
Dr.-Ing. S. Recker; Gastdocent Vodafone, Düsseldorf, Germany; stephan.recker@vodafone.de
study indicator
type of education
5 weeks lecture, 3 hours
type of examination
course material
L. Peterson, B. Davie, Computer Networks, A System approach, 3rd edition, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers (recommended)

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design/engineering (ICT-Information Services)

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