5P680 - Advanced Topics in Multi-Service Data Networks II subject information

academic year
target group course
EIT, year 4, Semester 2 Block F (Optional, English)
MEIT, year 1, Semester 2 Block F (Optional, English)
target group variations
EIT, year 4, 5-year course eit (Optional)
MEIT, year 1, Master Electrical Engineering (Optional)
ECTS credits BaMa
learning objectives Provide detailed knowledge on formal methods for performance analysis in multi-service networks. Give insights into the application of these methods in network dimensioning. Exemplary discussion of recent literature on this subject. Familiarize with software simulation tools for performance analysis using examples from previous courses.
contents Presentation of network calculus for deterministic performance guarantees based on Min-Plus algebra. The deployment of arrival and service curves for single and multiple nodes will be explained. Introduction into a dual approach to network calculus using the Legendre transform. Performance analysis by means of event-driven simulations will be addressed including the basics of simulation techniques. Details of packet-level simulations and statistical evaluation will be given. Practical examples will be discussed using the OMNET++ open source tool.
provided by
Department: Electrical Engineering
Subdepartment: Information and Communication Systems
Section: Electronic Systems (responsible)
Visiting lecturer (responsible lecturer)
Secretary Electronic Systems - EH 9.24 - - tel. 040-2475195
Dr.-Ing. S. Recker; Gastdocent Vodafone, Düsseldorf, Germany; stephan.recker@vodafone.de
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type of education
5 weeks lecture, 3 hours
type of examination
course material
L. Peterson, B. Davie, Computer Networks, A System approach, 3rd edition, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers (recommended)

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