APGedge Class Reference

#include <apg.h>

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Public Member Functions

 APGedge (const CId id, APGnode *src=NULL, APGnode *dst=NULL)
 ~APGedge ()
CId getId () const
int getWeight () const
void setWeight (int w)
APGnodegetSrc () const
APGnodegetDst () const
void changeSrc (APGnode *n)
void changeDst (APGnode *n)
APGnodeopposite (APGnode *n)

Private Attributes

CId id
int weight

Detailed Description

APGedge Edge in acyclic precedence graph.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

APGedge::APGedge ( const CId  id,
APGnode src = NULL,
APGnode dst = NULL 
) [inline]

References dst, src, and weight.

APGedge::~APGedge (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void APGedge::changeDst ( APGnode n  )  [inline]

References dst.

void APGedge::changeSrc ( APGnode n  )  [inline]

References src.

APGnode* APGedge::getDst (  )  const [inline]

References dst.

Referenced by APGgraph::delEdge().

CId APGedge::getId (  )  const [inline]
APGnode* APGedge::getSrc (  )  const [inline]

References src.

Referenced by APGgraph::delEdge(), and APGnode::newEdge().

int APGedge::getWeight (  )  const [inline]

References weight.

APGnode* APGedge::opposite ( APGnode n  )  [inline]
void APGedge::setWeight ( int  w  )  [inline]

References weight.

Member Data Documentation

APGnode* APGedge::dst [private]

Referenced by APGedge(), changeDst(), and getDst().

CId APGedge::id [private]

Referenced by getId().

APGnode* APGedge::src [private]

Referenced by APGedge(), changeSrc(), and getSrc().

int APGedge::weight [private]

Referenced by APGedge(), getWeight(), and setWeight().

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