FSMSADF::FSM Class Reference

#include <fsm.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FSM (GraphComponent c)
 ~FSM ()
FSMcreate (GraphComponent c) const
FSMcreateCopy (GraphComponent c) const
FSMclone (GraphComponent c) const
void constructFromXML (const CNodePtr fsmNode)
void convertToXML (const CNodePtr fsmNode)
FSMstategetState (const CString &name) const
FSMstatesgetStates ()
FSMstategetInitialState () const
void setInitialState (FSMstate *s)
void addState (FSMstate *s)
GraphgetGraph () const
ostream & print (ostream &out)

Private Attributes

FSMstates states


ostream & operator<< (ostream &out, FSM &f)

Detailed Description

FSM FSM in FSM-based SADF graph

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FSMSADF::FSM::FSM ( GraphComponent  c  ) 

FSM () Constrcutro

Referenced by create().


~FSM () Destrcutor.

References states.

Member Function Documentation

void FSMSADF::FSM::addState ( FSMstate s  )  [inline]
FSM * FSMSADF::FSM::clone ( GraphComponent  c  )  const

clone () Create a cloned copy of this object.

References createCopy(), FSMSADF::GraphComponent::getId(), getInitialState(), FSMSADF::GraphComponent::GraphComponent(), and setInitialState().

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void FSMSADF::FSM::constructFromXML ( const CNodePtr  fsmNode  ) 
void FSMSADF::FSM::convertToXML ( const CNodePtr  fsmNode  ) 
FSM * FSMSADF::FSM::create ( GraphComponent  c  )  const

create () Create a new FSM object.

References FSM().

Referenced by createCopy().

Here is the call graph for this function:

FSM * FSMSADF::FSM::createCopy ( GraphComponent  c  )  const

createCopy () Create a copy of this FSM component.

References create(), FSMSADF::GraphComponent::getName(), and FSMSADF::GraphComponent::setName().

Referenced by clone().

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Graph* FSMSADF::FSM::getGraph (  )  const [inline]

References FSMSADF::GraphComponent::getParent().

Referenced by FSMSADF::FSMstate::clone(), and constructFromXML().

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FSMstate* FSMSADF::FSM::getInitialState (  )  const [inline]
FSMstate * FSMSADF::FSM::getState ( const CString name  )  const

getState() The function returns a pointer to the statewith the supplied name.

References states.

Referenced by constructFromXML().

ostream & FSMSADF::FSM::print ( ostream &  out  ) 

print () Print the FSM to the supplied output stream.

References FSMSADF::GraphComponent::getName(), FSMSADF::FSMstate::getScenario(), initialState, and states.

Referenced by FSMSADF::Graph::print().

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void FSMSADF::FSM::setInitialState ( FSMstate s  )  [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  out,
FSM f 
) [friend]

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