FSMSADF::GraphBindingConstraints Class Reference

#include <constraint.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GraphBindingConstraints ()
 ~GraphBindingConstraints ()
GraphBindingConstraintsclone (Graph *ag)
void constructFromXML (Scenario *s, const CNodePtr constraintsNode)
void convertToXML (Scenario *s, const CNodePtr constraintsNode)
ScenarioBindingConstraintsgetConstraintsOfScenario (const Scenario *s)
void setConstraintsOfScenario (const Scenario *s, ScenarioBindingConstraints *bc)
bool hasScenarioBindingConstraints (const Scenario *s)

Private Attributes

map< const Scenario
*, ScenarioBindingConstraints * > 

Detailed Description

GraphBindingConstraints Container for graph binding constraints.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FSMSADF::GraphBindingConstraints::GraphBindingConstraints (  ) 
FSMSADF::GraphBindingConstraints::~GraphBindingConstraints (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

GraphBindingConstraints * FSMSADF::GraphBindingConstraints::clone ( Graph ag  ) 

clone() Create a cloned copy of this graph binding object. The scenario relations are updated to the corresponding scenario in the graph ag.

References FSMSADF::Scenario::clone(), g, FSMSADF::Graph::getScenario(), scenarioBindingConstraints, and setConstraintsOfScenario().

Referenced by FSMSADF::BindingAwareGraph::extractGraphBindingConstraints().

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void FSMSADF::GraphBindingConstraints::constructFromXML ( Scenario s,
const CNodePtr  constraintsNode 

constructFromXML() Construct graph binding constraints for scenario s from XML data.

References FSMSADF::ScenarioBindingConstraints::constructFromXML(), and getConstraintsOfScenario().

Referenced by FSMSADF::PlatformBinding::constructFromXML().

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void FSMSADF::GraphBindingConstraints::convertToXML ( Scenario s,
const CNodePtr  constraintsNode 

convertToXML() Convert the graph binding constraints of scenario s to XML data.

References FSMSADF::ScenarioBindingConstraints::convertToXML(), and getConstraintsOfScenario().

Referenced by FSMSADF::PlatformBinding::convertToXML().

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bool FSMSADF::GraphBindingConstraints::hasScenarioBindingConstraints ( const Scenario s  ) 

hasScenarioBindingConstraints() The function returns true when scenario s has scenario binding constraints. Otherwise the function returns false.

References scenarioBindingConstraints.

Referenced by getConstraintsOfScenario().

void FSMSADF::GraphBindingConstraints::setConstraintsOfScenario ( const Scenario s,
ScenarioBindingConstraints bc 

setConstraintsOfScenario() The function sets the scenario binding constraints of scenario s.

References scenarioBindingConstraints.

Referenced by clone(), and getConstraintsOfScenario().

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