FSMSADF::MPExploreBindingAware::Exploration Class Reference

#include <mpexplore_binding_aware.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Exploration ()
 ~Exploration ()
MPTime exploreDelayForSchedule (MaxPlus::Vector *gamma0, MaxPlus::Vector *gamma_s, MPTime period)
void exploreEigen (MaxPlus::Vector **eigenvector, MPTime *eigenvalue)
MaxPlus::VectorconvertEigenvector (ScenarioGraph *sg1, MaxPlus::Vector *v1)

Public Attributes

Actor ** staticSchedule

Detailed Description

class Exploration A MaxPlusExploration object encapsulates MaxPlus analysis algorithms.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FSMSADF::MPExploreBindingAware::Exploration::Exploration (  ) 

References staticSchedule.

FSMSADF::MPExploreBindingAware::Exploration::~Exploration (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

MaxPlus::Vector * FSMSADF::MPExploreBindingAware::Exploration::convertEigenvector ( ScenarioGraph sg1,
MaxPlus::Vector v1 

convertEigenvector() The function converts the time stamps in the eigenvector v1 of scenario graph sg1 to an eigenvector for this scenario graph. The eigen vector contains an entry for each initial token in the scenario graph. The entries are ordered based on the channel ids (low to high).

MPTime FSMSADF::MPExploreBindingAware::Exploration::exploreDelayForSchedule ( MaxPlus::Vector gamma0,
MaxPlus::Vector gamma_s,
MPTime  period 

exploreDelayForSchedule() Compute the minimal delay of a delay-period model for give period, starting schedule and steady-state schedule according to the algorithm presented in the paper "Synchronous Dataflow Scenarios".

void FSMSADF::MPExploreBindingAware::Exploration::exploreEigen ( MaxPlus::Vector **  eigenvector,
MPTime eigenvalue 

exploreEigen() Compute the eigenvector and eigenvalue of the MaxPlus matrix associated with the scenario graph.

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