FSMSADF::MPExploreStateSpace::StateSpaceExploration Class Reference

#include <statespace.h>

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Public Member Functions

Throughput exploreThroughput (Graph *g)
Throughput exploreThroughputMax (Graph *g)

Private Member Functions

Throughput computeThroughput (States *visitedStates, State *initialState)
double computeMCM (States *visitedStates, State *initialState)
void printStateSpace (States *states, ostream &out)

Detailed Description

class StateSpaceExploration The state-space analysis algorithms.

Member Function Documentation

double FSMSADF::MPExploreStateSpace::StateSpaceExploration::computeMCM ( States visitedStates,
State initialState 
) [private]

computeMCM() The function returns the MCM of the statespace.

References FSMSADF::MCMgraph::addEdge(), FSMSADF::MCMgraph::addNode(), FSMSADF::MCMgraph::calculateMCM(), FSMSADF::_MCMnode::id, and FSMSADF::MPExploreStateSpace::State::reachableStates.

Referenced by computeThroughput().

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Throughput FSMSADF::MPExploreStateSpace::StateSpaceExploration::computeThroughput ( States visitedStates,
State initialState 
) [private]

computeThroughput() Comput the MCM of the state space. The inverse of the MCM is the throughput of the graph.

References color, and computeMCM().

Referenced by exploreThroughput(), and exploreThroughputMax().

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void FSMSADF::MPExploreStateSpace::StateSpaceExploration::printStateSpace ( States states,
ostream &  out 
) [private]

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