#include <settings.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Settings (CString module, CString type)
 ~Settings ()
void init (int argc, char **argv)
void init (CStrings args)
void initOutputStream ()

Public Attributes

CString outputFile
CString module
CString type
bool helpFlag
CString settingsFile
ofstream outputStream
bool stepFlag
FlowType flowType
uint maxNrBindingsTileBindingAlgo
CStrings applicationGraphs
CString architectureGraph

Private Member Functions

void parseArguments (CStrings args)
void parseSettingsFile ()

Detailed Description

Settings Object containing all settings for the tool.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Settings::Settings ( CString  module,
CString  type 

Settings () Constructor. Create settings object with default values.

References flowType, helpFlag, maxNrBindingsTileBindingAlgo, outputFile, settingsFile, and stepFlag.

Settings::~Settings (  ) 

~Settings () Destructor.

Member Function Documentation

void Settings::init ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

init () Initialize the settings using the supplied arguments. Note that the first argument (argv[0]) is skipped.

Reimplemented in FSMSADF::FlowSettings.

void Settings::init ( CStrings  args  ) 

init () Initialize the settings using the supplied arguments. The function loads also external files (e.g. settings, graph, etc) when required.

Reimplemented in FSMSADF::FlowSettings.

References helpFlag, parseArguments(), and parseSettingsFile().

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void Settings::initOutputStream (  ) 

initOutputStream () Initialize the output stream.

Reimplemented in FSMSADF::FlowSettings.

References outputFile, and outputStream.

void Settings::parseArguments ( CStrings  args  )  [private]

parseArguments () Parse the supplied arguments.

Reimplemented in FSMSADF::FlowSettings.

References helpFlag, outputFile, settingsFile, and stepFlag.

Referenced by init().

void Settings::parseSettingsFile (  )  [private]

parseSettingsFile () Load all settings from the settings file.

Reimplemented in FSMSADF::FlowSettings.

References applicationGraphs, architectureGraph, CGetAttribute(), CGetChildNode(), CGetRootNode(), CHasAttribute(), CHasChildNode(), CNextNode(), CParseFile(), flowType, maxNrBindingsTileBindingAlgo, module, settingsFile, and type.

Referenced by init().

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