FSMSADF::StorageDistributions Class Reference

#include <type.h>

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Public Member Functions

void constructFromXML (const CNodePtr storageDistributionsNode)
void convertToXML (const CNodePtr storageDistributionsNode)

Member Function Documentation

void FSMSADF::StorageDistributions::constructFromXML ( const CNodePtr  storageDistributionsNode  ) 

constructFromXML() Create a storage distribution set from the XML data.

References CGetChildNode(), CNextNode(), and FSMSADF::StorageDistribution::constructFromXML().

Referenced by FSMSADF::ScenarioGraph::constructPropertiesFromXML().

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void FSMSADF::StorageDistributions::convertToXML ( const CNodePtr  storageDistributionsNode  ) 

convertToXML() Convert the storage distribution set to XML data.

References CAddNode(), and FSMSADF::StorageDistribution::convertToXML().

Referenced by FSMSADF::ScenarioGraph::convertPropertiesToXML().

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