FSMSADF::ToolTransform Class Reference

#include <sdf3transform.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool parseCommand (int argc, char **argv, int *arg)
virtual void initSettings (const CString &modulename, int argc, char **argv)
virtual bool checkRequiredSettings (void)
virtual void helpMessage (std::ostream &out)
virtual void cleanUp ()
void transformGraph (ostream &out)
void loadApplicationGraph ()
TransformSettingssettings ()

Private Member Functions

void loadApplicationGraphFromFile (CString &file, CString module, CNode **appGraphNode, CDoc **appGraphDoc)
GraphtransformGraph (Graph *g, CPairs &transforms, ostream &out)

Private Attributes


Member Function Documentation

bool ToolTransform::checkRequiredSettings ( void   )  [virtual]

Implements FSMSADF::Tool.

References FSMSADF::TransformSettings::arguments, and settings().

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void ToolTransform::cleanUp (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from FSMSADF::Tool.

References releaseDoc(), xmlAppGraphDoc, and xmlCleanup().

Referenced by main().

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virtual void FSMSADF::ToolTransform::helpMessage ( std::ostream &  out  )  [virtual]
void ToolTransform::initSettings ( const CString modulename,
int  argc,
char **  argv 
) [virtual]

initSettings () The function initializes the program settings.

Reimplemented from FSMSADF::Tool.

References FSMSADF::Tool::_settings.

Referenced by main().

void ToolTransform::loadApplicationGraph (  ) 

References loadApplicationGraphFromFile(), MODULE, settings(), xmlAppGraph, and xmlAppGraphDoc.

Referenced by main().

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void ToolTransform::loadApplicationGraphFromFile ( CString file,
CString  module,
CNode **  appGraphNode,
CDoc **  appGraphDoc 
) [private]

loadApplicationGraphFromFile () The function returns a pointer to an XML data structures contained in the supplied file that describes the SDFG.

References CGetAttribute(), CGetChildNode(), CGetRootNode(), and CParseFile().

Referenced by loadApplicationGraph().

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bool ToolTransform::parseCommand ( int  argc,
char **  argv,
int *  arg 
) [virtual]
TransformSettings* FSMSADF::ToolTransform::settings (  )  [inline]
void ToolTransform::transformGraph ( ostream &  out  ) 

transformGraph () The function transforms the graph.

References CAddAttribute(), CAddNode(), CNewDoc(), CNewNode(), FSMSADF::Graph::constructFromXML(), FSMSADF::Graph::convertToXML(), CSaveFile(), g, settings(), and xmlAppGraph.

Referenced by main().

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Graph * ToolTransform::transformGraph ( Graph g,
CPairs transforms,
ostream &  out 
) [private]

transformGraph () The function transforms the SDF graph and the resulting (H)SDF graph is outputted in XML format to the out stream.

References FSMSADF::Graph::clone(), FSMSADF::Graph::extractSDFgraph(), FSMSADF::GraphComponent::getId(), FSMSADF::GraphComponent::getName(), FSMSADF::GraphComponent::getParent(), FSMSADF::Graph::getScenario(), FSMSADF::_CPair::key, FSMSADF::modelAutoConcurrencyInGraph(), outputSDFasXML(), FSMSADF::transformToWorstCaseGraph(), and FSMSADF::_CPair::value.

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