FSM::StateStringLabeled::FiniteStateMachine Class Reference

#include <fsm.h>

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Public Member Functions

StategetInitialState ()
void setInitialStateLabeled (const CString &sl)
void addStateLabeled (const CString &sl)
void addEdge (State *src, State *dst)
void addEdgeLabeled (const CString &src, const CString &dst)
SetOfStatesreachableStates (void)

Member Function Documentation

void FSM::StateStringLabeled::FiniteStateMachine::addEdge ( State src,
State dst 
void FSM::StateStringLabeled::FiniteStateMachine::addEdgeLabeled ( const CString src,
const CString dst 
void FSM::StateStringLabeled::FiniteStateMachine::addStateLabeled ( const CString sl  ) 

References FSM::Labeled::FiniteStateMachine< CString, char >::addState().

Here is the call graph for this function:

State* FSM::StateStringLabeled::FiniteStateMachine::getInitialState (  )  [inline, virtual]
SetOfStates * FSM::StateStringLabeled::FiniteStateMachine::reachableStates ( void   ) 
void FSM::StateStringLabeled::FiniteStateMachine::setInitialStateLabeled ( const CString sl  ) 

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