MaxPlusAnalysis::Exploration Class Reference

#include <mpexplore.h>

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Public Member Functions

MPThroughput explore (void)
MPThroughput explore_backward (void)
MatrixconvertToMaxPlusMatrix (void)
TimedSDFgraphconvertToHSDFByMP (void)
MPTime exploreDelayForSchedule (MaxPlus::Vector *gamma0, MaxPlus::Vector *gamma_s, MPTime period)
void exploreEigen (MaxPlus::Vector **eigenvector, MPTime *eigenvalue)
MPDelay timeProgress (State *x)
MPDelay normalize (State *x)

Public Attributes

GraphDecoration::Actor ** staticSchedule

Private Member Functions

CStringreplaceString (CString &s, const CString &fnd, const CString &rep)

Detailed Description

class Exploration A MaxPlusExploration object encapsulates MaxPlus analysis algorithms.

Member Function Documentation

MPDelay MaxPlusAnalysis::Exploration::normalize ( State x  ) 


References MaxPlusAnalysis::State::normalize().

Referenced by explore(), explore_backward(), exploreDelayForSchedule(), and exploreEigen().

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CString & MaxPlusAnalysis::Exploration::replaceString ( CString s,
const CString fnd,
const CString rep 
) [private]

replaceString() Utility function for substring replacement.

References CString::replace().

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MPDelay MaxPlusAnalysis::Exploration::timeProgress ( State x  ) 


References MaxPlusAnalysis::State::firstToken(), and MaxPlusAnalysis::Token::productionTime.

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