#include <mpexplore.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Graph ()
virtual ~Graph ()
 Graph (TimedSDFgraph *g)
ActorCountrepetitionVector ()
void fire (State *x, Actor *a, double precision)
void fireSymbolic (SymbolicState *x, Actor *a)
void fire_reverse (State *x, Actor *a)

Static Public Member Functions

static void fire (State *x, Actor *a)

Public Attributes

unsigned int stateSize
unsigned int historySize
unsigned int newTokenIndex

Private Member Functions

void init ()

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

class Graph Decorates an SDF graph with information for MaxPlus analysis.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Graph::Graph (  ) 


References init().

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Graph::~Graph (  )  [virtual]


References actors, and channels.

Member Function Documentation

void Graph::init (  )  [private]


References actors, and channels.

Referenced by Graph().

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