MaxPlusAnalysis::SymbolicToken Class Reference

#include <mpstorage.h>

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Public Member Functions

SymbolicTokencopy (void)
SymbolicTokenmaxWith (SymbolicToken *t)
SymbolicTokenadd (MPTime a)
void streamOn (std::ostream &s)

Static Public Member Functions

static SymbolicTokenzeroToken (unsigned int sz)
static SymbolicTokeninitialToken (unsigned int sz, unsigned int n)

Detailed Description

class SymbolicToken

Member Function Documentation

SymbolicToken * MaxPlusAnalysis::SymbolicToken::add ( MPTime  a  ) 
SymbolicToken * MaxPlusAnalysis::SymbolicToken::initialToken ( unsigned int  sz,
unsigned int  n 
) [static]
SymbolicToken * MaxPlusAnalysis::SymbolicToken::maxWith ( SymbolicToken t  ) 
void MaxPlusAnalysis::SymbolicToken::streamOn ( std::ostream &  s  ) 
SymbolicToken * MaxPlusAnalysis::SymbolicToken::zeroToken ( unsigned int  sz  )  [static]

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