MaxPlusAnalysis::TokenFIFO_Dynamic Class Reference

#include <mpstorage.h>

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Public Member Functions

MPTime removeFirst ()
void append (MPTime t)
TokenFIFO_Dynamiccopy ()
size_t hashValue () const
bool compare (TokenFIFO_Dynamic *l) const
Tokenfirst ()
void decreaseAll (MPDelay amount)
void streamOn (std::ostream &s)

Detailed Description

class TokenFIFO_Dynamic A dynamically managed token fifo based on std:list

Member Function Documentation

void MaxPlusAnalysis::TokenFIFO_Dynamic::append ( MPTime  t  ) 

Referenced by copy().

bool MaxPlusAnalysis::TokenFIFO_Dynamic::compare ( TokenFIFO_Dynamic l  )  const
TokenFIFO_Dynamic * MaxPlusAnalysis::TokenFIFO_Dynamic::copy (  ) 

References append(), and MaxPlusAnalysis::Token::productionTime.

Here is the call graph for this function:

void MaxPlusAnalysis::TokenFIFO_Dynamic::decreaseAll ( MPDelay  amount  ) 
Token * MaxPlusAnalysis::TokenFIFO_Dynamic::first (  ) 
size_t MaxPlusAnalysis::TokenFIFO_Dynamic::hashValue (  )  const
MPTime MaxPlusAnalysis::TokenFIFO_Dynamic::removeFirst (  ) 
void MaxPlusAnalysis::TokenFIFO_Dynamic::streamOn ( std::ostream &  s  ) 

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