MaxPlus::VectorList Class Reference

#include <mpmatrix.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VectorList (unsigned int oneVectorSizeInit)
 ~VectorList ()
const VectorvectorRefAt (int n) const
VectorvectorRefAt (int n)
const VectorlastVectorRef () const
VectorlastVectorRef ()
unsigned int getSize () const
unsigned int getOneVectorSize () const
void grow ()
void toString (CString &outString, double scale=1.0) const
bool findSimilar (const Vector &vec, double threshold) const

Private Member Functions

 VectorList (const VectorList &)
VectorListoperator= (const VectorList &)

Private Attributes

const unsigned int oneVectorSize

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MaxPlus::VectorList::VectorList ( unsigned int  oneVectorSizeInit  )  [inline]

References oneVectorSize.

MaxPlus::VectorList::~VectorList (  )  [inline]
MaxPlus::VectorList::VectorList ( const VectorList  )  [private]

Member Function Documentation

bool MaxPlus::VectorList::findSimilar ( const Vector vecX,
double  threshold 
) const

VectorList::findSimilar test if list contains a vector which differs to vecX by less than threshold

References MaxPlus::Vector::get(), MaxPlus::Vector::getSize(), MaxPlus::MP_ISMINUSINFINITY(), MaxPlus::MP_MINUSINFINITY, oneVectorSize, and vectorRefAt().

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unsigned int MaxPlus::VectorList::getOneVectorSize (  )  const [inline]

References oneVectorSize.

unsigned int MaxPlus::VectorList::getSize ( void   )  const [inline]

Referenced by toString().

void MaxPlus::VectorList::grow (  )  [inline]
const Vector & MaxPlus::VectorList::lastVectorRef (  )  const [inline]
Vector & MaxPlus::VectorList::lastVectorRef (  )  [inline]
VectorList& MaxPlus::VectorList::operator= ( const VectorList  )  [private]
void MaxPlus::VectorList::toString ( CString outString,
double  scale = 1.0 
) const
const Vector & MaxPlus::VectorList::vectorRefAt ( int  n  )  const [inline]

Referenced by findSimilar(), and toString().

Vector & MaxPlus::VectorList::vectorRefAt ( int  n  )  [inline]

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