OutputNumber Class Reference

#include <tester.h>

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union  NumericValue

Public Member Functions

 OutputNumber (OutputNumberType t)
 OutputNumber (double dval)
 OutputNumber (long ival)
bool match (const OutputNumber &n) const

Private Attributes

OutputNumberType type
union OutputNumber::NumericValue val

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OutputNumber::OutputNumber ( OutputNumberType  t  ) 

OutputNumber::OutputNumber constructor

References ON_WILDCARD, and type.

OutputNumber::OutputNumber ( double  dv  ) 
OutputNumber::OutputNumber ( long  iv  ) 

Member Function Documentation

bool OutputNumber::match ( const OutputNumber n  )  const

OutputNumber::match test whether to numbers in the output file match They match if

  • at least one of them is a wildcard
  • they are both int and identical
  • they are both float and nearly equal

References OutputNumber::NumericValue::dval, EPSILON_ZERO, OutputNumber::NumericValue::ival, ON_DOUBLE, ON_WILDCARD, type, and val.

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