SDFstateSpaceDeadlockAnalysis::TransitionSystem::State Class Reference

#include <deadlock.h>

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Public Member Functions

 State (const uint nrActors=0, const uint nrChannels=0)
 ~State ()
void init (const uint nrActors, const uint nrChannels)
bool operator== (const State &s)
void clear ()
void print (ostream &out)

Public Attributes

vector< TBufSizech

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SDFstateSpaceDeadlockAnalysis::TransitionSystem::State::State ( const uint  nrActors = 0,
const uint  nrChannels = 0 
) [inline]

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SDFstateSpaceDeadlockAnalysis::TransitionSystem::State::~State (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void SDFstateSpaceDeadlockAnalysis::TransitionSystem::State::clear (  ) 

clearState () The function sets the state to zero.

References ch.

Referenced by SDFstateSpaceDeadlockAnalysis::TransitionSystem::execSDFgraph().

void SDFstateSpaceDeadlockAnalysis::TransitionSystem::State::init ( const uint  nrActors,
const uint  nrChannels 
) [inline]
bool SDFstateSpaceDeadlockAnalysis::TransitionSystem::State::operator== ( const State s  ) 

operator== () The function compares to states and returns true if they are equal.

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void SDFstateSpaceDeadlockAnalysis::TransitionSystem::State::print ( ostream &  out  ) 

printState () Print the state to the supplied stream.

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