SDFstateSpaceStaticPeriodicSchedulerChao Class Reference

#include <static_periodic_scheduler_chao.h>

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class  TransitionSystem

Public Member Functions

 SDFstateSpaceStaticPeriodicSchedulerChao ()
 ~SDFstateSpaceStaticPeriodicSchedulerChao ()
void schedule (TimedSDFgraph *g)

Private Member Functions

void computeSchedule (TimedSDFgraph *g, vector< vector< long long int > > &startTime, const long long int c, const long long int f)

Detailed Description

Static-Periodic Scheduler based on Chao's algorithm Compute a static-periodic schedule with maximal throughput for the supplied SDFG.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SDFstateSpaceStaticPeriodicSchedulerChao::SDFstateSpaceStaticPeriodicSchedulerChao (  )  [inline]
SDFstateSpaceStaticPeriodicSchedulerChao::~SDFstateSpaceStaticPeriodicSchedulerChao (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void SDFstateSpaceStaticPeriodicSchedulerChao::computeSchedule ( TimedSDFgraph g,
vector< vector< long long int > > &  startTime,
const long long int  c,
const long long int  f 
) [private]

execSDFgraphComputeSchedule() ECompute a static-periodic schedule using the algorithm from [Chao95].

References SDFgraph::actorsBegin(), SDFgraph::actorsEnd(), SDFgraph::getActors(), SDFport::getChannel(), SDFchannel::getDstActor(), TimedSDFactor::getExecutionTime(), SDFcomponent::getId(), SDFchannel::getInitialTokens(), SDFport::getType(), SDFgraph::nrActors(), SDFactor::portsBegin(), SDFactor::portsEnd(), and v.

Referenced by schedule().

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void SDFstateSpaceStaticPeriodicSchedulerChao::schedule ( TimedSDFgraph g  ) 

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