SDFstateSpaceThroughputAnalysisNingGao Class Reference

#include <static_periodic_ning_gao.h>

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class  TransitionSystem

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 SDFstateSpaceThroughputAnalysisNingGao ()
 ~SDFstateSpaceThroughputAnalysisNingGao ()
TDtime analyze (TimedSDFgraph *gr, StorageDistribution *d, SDFtime period, vector< SDFtime > &startTime)

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Throughput / storage-space trade-off exploration for Ning and Gao's buffer sizing problem. Analyze the trade-offs between storage distributions and throughput.

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SDFstateSpaceThroughputAnalysisNingGao::SDFstateSpaceThroughputAnalysisNingGao (  )  [inline]
SDFstateSpaceThroughputAnalysisNingGao::~SDFstateSpaceThroughputAnalysisNingGao (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

TDtime SDFstateSpaceThroughputAnalysisNingGao::analyze ( TimedSDFgraph g,
StorageDistribution d,
SDFtime  period,
vector< SDFtime > &  startTime 

analyze () The function returns the throughput of the graph under the given storage constraints and using the supplied static-periodic schedule. The graph execution follows the operational semantics of Ning and Gao.

References SDFstateSpaceThroughputAnalysisNingGao::TransitionSystem::execSDFgraph(), _StorageDistribution::sp, and transitionSystem.

Referenced by analyzeSDFG().

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