#include <tester.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Tester ()
void runTest (const CString &startdir, ostream &out)
bool compareToCorrectOutput (const CString &dir, const CString &output)

Private Member Functions

CStringextractOutputNumbers (const CString &s, list< OutputNumber > **floats)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Tester::Tester (  ) 

constructor creates a shell object

References createShell(), and shell.

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Member Function Documentation

bool Tester::compareToCorrectOutput ( const CString dir,
const CString output 

Check whether output is equal to the contents of the correct-output file modulo differences in DOS/UNIX line ends (sigh...) and modulo differences in float representation and rounding

References CORRECT_OUTPUT_NAME, extractOutputNumbers(), PATHSEPARATOR, Shell::readFile(), CString::replace(), and shell.

Referenced by runTest().

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CString * Tester::extractOutputNumbers ( const CString s,
list< OutputNumber > **  numbers 
) [private]

Tester::extractOutputNumbers remove all numbers and wildcard symbols from output string and collect them in a separate list.


Referenced by compareToCorrectOutput().

void Tester::runTest ( const CString startdir,
ostream &  out 

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