csdf/base/timed/graph.h File Reference

#include "channel.h"
#include "actor.h"
#include "channel.h"
#include "actor.h"
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class  TimedCSDFgraph


TimedCSDFgraphconstructTimedCSDFgraph (const CNodePtr csdfNode, const CNodePtr csdfPropertiesNode)

Function Documentation

TimedCSDFgraph* constructTimedCSDFgraph ( const CNodePtr  csdfNode,
const CNodePtr  csdfPropertiesNode 

constructTimedCSDFgraph () Construct a timed CSDF graph.

constructTimedSDFgraph () Construct a timed SDF graph.

References a, actorProperties(), c, CGetAttribute(), CGetChildNode(), channelProperties(), CHasAttribute(), CIsNode(), CNextNode(), constructTimedCSDFgraphStructure(), g, CSDFgraph::getActor(), CSDFgraph::getChannel(), and graphProperties().

Referenced by analyzeCSDFG(), and printCSDFG().

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