sdf/base/algo/components.h File Reference

#include "base/base.h"
#include "../untimed/graph.h"
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typedef SDFactors SDFgraphComponent
typedef list< SDFgraphComponentSDFgraphComponents


SDFgraphComponents stronglyConnectedComponents (SDFgraph *g)
bool actorInComponent (SDFactor *a, SDFgraphComponent &component)
bool isStronglyConnectedGraph (SDFgraph *g)
SDFgraphcomponentToSDFgraph (SDFgraphComponent &component)

Typedef Documentation

SDFgraphComponent(s) SDF graph strongly connected component(s)

typedef SDFgraphComponents::const_iterator SDFgraphComponentsCIter
typedef SDFgraphComponents::iterator SDFgraphComponentsIter

Function Documentation

bool actorInComponent ( SDFactor a,
SDFgraphComponent component 

actorInComponent () The function check wether an actor is in a component. If so, the function returns true. Else it returns false.

References SDFcomponent::getId().

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SDFgraph* componentToSDFgraph ( SDFgraphComponent component  ) 

componentToSDFgraph () The function returns an SDF graph containing all actors and channels inside the component.

References a, actorInComponent(), c, SDFgraph::clone(), g, SDFchannel::getDstActor(), SDFchannel::getDstPort(), SDFcomponent::getId(), SDFcomponent::getName(), SDFcomponent::getParent(), SDFchannel::getSrcActor(), SDFchannel::getSrcPort(), SDFactor::removePort(), and v.

Referenced by SDFstateSpaceThroughputAnalysis::analyze(), and distributeInitialTokensInComponent().

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bool isStronglyConnectedGraph ( SDFgraph g  ) 

isStronglyConnectedGraph () The function checks that the graph is a strongly connnected component.

References c, and stronglyConnectedComponents().

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SDFgraphComponents stronglyConnectedComponents ( SDFgraph g  ) 

stronglyConnectedComponents () The function determines the strongly connected components in the graph.

References ASSERT, dfs(), getComponents(), SDFgraph::nrActors(), and pi.

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