sdf/base/algo/repetition_vector.h File Reference

#include "base/base.h"
#include "../untimed/graph.h"
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typedef std::vector< int > RepetitionVector


RepetitionVector computeRepetitionVector (SDFgraph *g)
bool isSDFgraphConsistent (SDFgraph *g)

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<int> RepetitionVector

Repetition vector

Function Documentation

RepetitionVector computeRepetitionVector ( SDFgraph g  ) 

computeRepetitionVector () The function computes the repetition vector of an SDFG.

References a, SDFgraph::actorsBegin(), SDFgraph::actorsEnd(), calcFractionsConnectedActors(), calcRepetitionVector(), SDFcomponent::getId(), and SDFgraph::nrActors().

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bool isSDFgraphConsistent ( SDFgraph g  ) 

isSDFgraphConsistent () The function checks the consistency of the SDFG and returns true when the graph is consistent, else it returns false.

References FSMSADF::computeRepetitionVector().

Referenced by analyzeSDFG().

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