sdf/generate/generate.h File Reference

#include "../base/timed/graph.h"
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TimedSDFgraphgenerateSDFgraph (const uint nrActors, const double avgInDegree, const double varInDegree, const double minInDegree, const double maxInDegree, const double avgOutDegree, const double varOutDegree, const double minOutDegree, const double maxOutDegree, const double avgRate, const double varRate, const double minRate, const double maxRate, const bool acyclic, const bool stronglyConnected, const double initialTokenProp, const uint repetitionVectorSum, const bool multigraph)
void generateSDFgraphProperties (TimedSDFgraph *g, const bool execTime, const uint nrProcTypes, const double mapChance, const double avgExecTime, const double varExecTime, const double minExecTime, const double maxExecTime, const bool stateSize, const double avgStateSize, const double varStateSize, const double minStateSize, const double maxStateSize, const bool tokenSize, const double avgTokenSize, const double varTokenSize, const double minTokenSize, const double maxTokenSize, const bool throughputConstraint, const uint autoConcurrencyDegree, const double throughputScaleFactor, const bool bandwidthRequirement, const double avgBandwidth, const double varBandwidth, const double minBandwidth, const double maxBandwidth, const bool bufferSize, const bool latencyRequirement, const double avgLatency, const double varLatency, const double minLatency, const double maxLatency, const bool integerMCM)

Function Documentation

TimedSDFgraph* generateSDFgraph ( const uint  nrActors,
const double  avgInDegree,
const double  varInDegree,
const double  minInDegree,
const double  maxInDegree,
const double  avgOutDegree,
const double  varOutDegree,
const double  minOutDegree,
const double  maxOutDegree,
const double  avgRate,
const double  varRate,
const double  minRate,
const double  maxRate,
const bool  acyclic,
const bool  stronglyConnected,
const double  initialTokenProp,
const uint  repetitionVectorSum,
const bool  multigraph 

generateSDFgraph () Generate a random SDF graph.

References assignConsistentRates(), createAcyclicGraph(), createGraph(), distributeInitialTokens(), g, makeConsistent(), makeSimpleGraph(), and makeStronglyConnected().

Referenced by generateCSDFgraph(), and generateRandomSDFG().

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void generateSDFgraphProperties ( TimedSDFgraph g,
const bool  execTime,
const uint  nrProcTypes,
const double  mapChance,
const double  avgExecTime,
const double  varExecTime,
const double  minExecTime,
const double  maxExecTime,
const bool  stateSize,
const double  avgStateSize,
const double  varStateSize,
const double  minStateSize,
const double  maxStateSize,
const bool  tokenSize,
const double  avgTokenSize,
const double  varTokenSize,
const double  minTokenSize,
const double  maxTokenSize,
const bool  throughputConstraint,
const uint  autoConcurrencyDegree,
const double  throughputScaleFactor,
const bool  bandwidthRequirement,
const double  avgBandwidth,
const double  varBandwidth,
const double  minBandwidth,
const double  maxBandwidth,
const bool  bufferSize,
const bool  latencyRequirement,
const double  avgLatency,
const double  varLatency,
const double  minLatency,
const double  maxLatency,
const bool  integerMCM