time.h File Reference

#include "../basic_types.h"
#include "../string/cstring.h"
#include <time.h>
#include <sys/resource.h>
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struct  _CTimer


typedef struct _CTimer CTimer


void startTimer (CTimer *t)
void stopTimer (CTimer *t)
void printTimer (ostream &out, CTimer *t)
CString printTimer (CTimer *t)
unsigned int secondsElapsed (CTimer *t)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _CTimer CTimer

Function Documentation

CString printTimer ( CTimer t  ) 

printTimer () The function returns the value of the timer in milliseconds as a string.

References _CTimer::time.

unsigned int secondsElapsed ( CTimer t  ) 

secondsElapsed () The function returns the number of seconds elapsed

References _CTimer::time.

Referenced by LoadBalanceBinding::minimizeTimeSlices().

void stopTimer ( CTimer t  )