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[TXT]0004-Added-Nir-Moshe-s-patch-for-array-as-struct.patch2013-02-19 17:34 6.7K 
[TXT]0005-Changed-type-printing-to-default-to-signed-versions.patch2013-02-19 17:34 6.1K 
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This folder contains a set of patches to LLVM trunk of 20-feb-2013.

Current version

The latest working version of the CBE can be found here: It's an improved version of the one that was listed here and actually is able to recover simple loop structures but has even more shiny new features. For more info, check Richard's post to the LLVM mailing list:

Previous versions

Jason E. Aden starteda repository on github which includes these patches. This repository can be found at

The patch has been broken down into several components, first restoring the files from the old CBE and later adding more thorough changes. Each patch contains information on the differences with the old CBE or the specific problems which are fixed by the patch.

Please contact me if you find (or solve) any bugs or have problems with applying the patches.

- Roel

Last updates to this page

2014-08-19 -- The next generation of derivatives of the old CBE is no available
2013-03-12 -- Added reference to new github repository
2013-02-19 -- Added readme and patches from Nir Moshe and myself
2012-10-03 -- Initial version, updated later to reflect ongoing changes in LLVM trunk (e.g. restructuring of header files, revision of Attributes, ...)