Developed Frameworks

This page contains an overview of the research that is caried out in the ES group related to Automotive.


Sajid Mohamed, Sayandip De - oCPS

MSc students involved - Konstantinos Bimpisidis (SiL), Vishak Nathan (HiL).

IMACS is a framework for performance evaluation of IMage Approximation in a Closed-loop System.

You can download the SiL simulator of IMACS using V-REP and Matlab here.

The SiL simulator of IMACS using C++ and V-REP: for a vision-based lateral control example.


You can download the source code of HiL simulator of IMACS here.


Amr Ibrahim - oCPS

CReTs is a co-simulation framework for control, communication and traffic for vehicle platoons.

The details of the CReTs framework can be found here.


Sajid Mohamed - oCPS

MSc student involved - Diqing Zhu.

DASA is an open source Design, Analysis and Simulation framework for Automotive image-based control systems.

The details of the Scenario- and Platform-Aware Design (SPADe) approach that forms the core idea for DASA can be found here.

You can download the framework here.

DASA framework simulation: using vision-based lateral control example.