Translate program for Celoxica memories

The binary file that is outputted by the LCC compiler cannot directly be loaded into the FPGA board. A number of conversions must be made to the file. These conversions can be made using a small tool called celoxica-create-memory. The tool is used as follows.

1. Launch Cygwin from the start menu or by clicking the desktop icon.

2. Change the path to the directory which contains the binary created with the LCC compiler (e.g. mips_mem.bin).

3. Convert the binary to a file which can be uploaded to the FPGA memories using the following command:

celoxica-create-memory <name of your binary file>
For example, if your binary file is named mips_mem.bin, then you should use the command celoxica-create-memory mips_mem.bin. The program celoxica-create-memory will produce a file called <name of your binary file>.bin (i.e. in the example with mips_mem.bin, the output is named mips_mem.bin.bin).

4. Copy the file created by celoxica-transfer-memory to the directory which contains the bitstream file of your mMIPS.