Transferring the bitstream and program to the Celoxica board

You must install the Celoxica Design Kit and the Celoxica Platform Development Kit before performing this step for the first time. Follow the installation procedure on this page to install the required software.

The following steps are must be performed to transfer the bit file created with XilinX ISE and the binary of the program which should run on the mMIPS to the Celoxica development board.

1. Launch Cygwin from the start menu or by clicking the desktop icon.

2. Change the path to the directory which contains your bit file.

cd /cygdrive/d/mmips/mips/mmips/mips_fpga/

3. Make sure the directory contains the binary file of the program that should run on the mMIPS (e.g. mips_mem.bin).

4. Upload your program and the mMIPS to the FPGA using the following command:

celoxica-transfer <name of your binary file>
For example, if your binary file is named mips_mem.bin, then you should use the command celoxica-transfer mips_mem.bin to upload the program and mMIPS to the FPGA.