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electronics for embedded systems

course electronics for embedded systems
credit points 3 ECTS
target informatica 3.3
teachers Ralph Otten

operational support: Marja de Mol EH 10.35, (040-247) 5195


Instruction starts in the week of March 24th .


Electronics for embedded systems is given in 15 sessions of 2 hours.



o book:
S.M.Kang,Y.Leblebici: CMOS Digital integrated circuits (3d edition)
McGraw-Hill, 2002
ISBN 0-13-978-0072460539

freely available

o updated: 22-04-2010       transcript (in dutch)
o updated: 22-04-2010       sheets
o updated: 22-04-2010       Spice manual
o updated: 22-04-2010       instructions