Coexistence of multiple asynchronous TSCH networks

Multi-TSCH coexistence simulator

The inputs and outputs of the multi-TSCH coexistence simulator for N independent TSCH networks. The simulator results in MAC layer collision probabilities, which can be fed to physical layer models to acquire packet reception ratio.

Multi-TSCH coexistence simulator.

The matlab scripts of the Multi-TSCH Coexistence Simulator is available here. The README file provides a guide to use this simulator.

When you want to refer to this simulator, please use the following citation:
Farzad Veisi, Majid Nabi, Hossein Saeidi, "Coexistence Analysis of Multiple Asynchronous IEEE 802.15.4 TSCH-based Networks," IEEE ACCESS, Volume 8, August 2020. (doi) IEEE

In the case of any question about the IVN interference data logs, please contact Majid Nabi.