The Pareto Calculator

The operations of the algebra have been implemented in a software tool called the Pareto Calculator. The development of he calculator is an ongoing effort. There are currently two versions that are worth the effort of downloading and using.

  1. A portable C++ library with explicit Pareto Algebra operations together with a graphical interface of calculator for Visual Studio / Windows. It includes a graphical user interface as well as XML-based file interface. With the XML interface, models and computations can be specified, loaded and stored to file. It also implements the divide-and-conquer minimisation method described in the paper "A calculator for Pareto Points" (see publications) and has been used for the experiments described in that paper. This version is available from GitHub
  2. A "lean and mean" implementation of a calculator implementing only the Pareto Algebra core operations. It includes two implementations of the calculator, both working according to the same API. One uses explicit representations of sets of configurations and the other uses a symbolic representation based on BDDs. (See publications.) This version can be downloaded from this page.


The Pareto Calculator Source Code

Here you can find doxygen generated documentation of the code.


To download the Pareto Calculator source code, choose one of the versions below.

The Pareto Calculator is relased under the GPL license, because a part of it, the symbolic, BDD based implementation, uses the GBDD library, which is GPL licensed. A more liberally licensed version, with only the explicit implementation of the algebra, excluding the symbolic implementation is available on request.

If you manage to do something useful with the tool, we would very much like to hear about it!

*nix / Mac OSX, Gcc version

The calculator in Visual Studio .Net C++

Version history

Version 2.0.1 (27 October 2008)
- Bug fix: explicit abstract on range did not function properly.

Version 2.0.0 (21 October 2008)
- Initial release of new implementation.