5P530 Video Processing for Multimedia Systems
cover_bookThe course is given in the autumn, in the first block of the semester, during 7 lectures of 4 hours on Friday morning. The examination is oral. Tomake an appointment for the exam, please contct the teacher via e-mail (G.de.Haan"At"Philips.com,or G.d.Haan"At"tue.nl, replace "At" by @).

The topics of the course include:

You can have a look at the contents of the book that serves as the course documentation, or at this introduction, to get a first impression of what these topics are about. The image left shows the cover of the book, which is available from the secretary of the Electronic Systems Group, Mrs. Marja de Mol (Pt.9.24).

To check your knowledge, the book contains questions at the end of every chapter, which encourages you to use the video
processing software that we provide for this course. The nature of these questions is similar to the kind of questions that you may expect during the oral exam.

The exam is an "open book exam", i.e. you are allowed to bring the book and your notes to the exam for reference.

Further information about the course can be found at the course
information pages of our university (select "subject information", or "vakinformatie" in Dutch and use subject code 5P530).

Should you agree that this is an interesting field of research, you may also have a look at some recent
graduation research topics and earlier trainee reports. For more information send an e-mail to: G.de.Haan"At"Philips.com,or G.d.Haan"At"tue.nl (replace "At" by @).