Embedded Visual Control

2017 (4th Quater, Apr - July)

Code : 5LIA0 (previously 5HC99)
Credits: 5 ECTS
Lecturers : Prof. dr. Henk Corporaal,  Ir. Mark Wijtvliet, MSc. Gagandeep Singh, Dr. Roel Jordans, Dr. Dip Goswami, Dr. Egor Bondarav
Tel. : +31-40-247 5195 / 3653 (secr.) 5462 (office)
Email:   M.Wijtvliet at tue.nl; G.Singh at tue.nl; R.Jordans at tue.nl; D.Goswami at tue.nl; E.Bondarev at tue.nl; H.Corporaal at tue.nl
Project and lecture location: FLUX building; Mondays 3,4 and Thursdays 7,8


Information on the course:


This course aims at combining and understanding the vision, (robotic) control and embedded computation areas. For each discipline the student should become familiar with the main theories, mathematical formalisms and practical issues.
The course is project driven. Students have to perform advanced lab assignments, while studying in the mean time the required theoretical background. This year we will all with the same goal: an solar driven, autonomously driving car.
A basic material list will be provided, but you can extend it in several ways.

This will be quite a challenging course, but the rewards will be high; you will learn a lot.
Only highly motivated students will be allowed to follow this course.


Apart from studying the required material on Vision, Control and Embedded Procesing Systems, the course will be largely based on project work. Students will be divided into groups of 3 people working one one or more lab assignments.


Slides as far as available will be made available during the course. All slides have to be studied (mandatory).
Check also our Wiki site for further material and documentation.

Course, Reading and Background Material

Below you'll find a lot of reading material. During the course we will instruct you what to read and study precisely, and what is background material.
Further material:


You may use existing vision toolkits like OpenCV or ARToolkit. See below.
The following are links to software for the AR Drone; note we did not test this fully yet !!

Student presentations guidelines

At the end of this course each group has to give a final presentation and demonstration of its project results.
Guidelines for the presentation will follow.


Project details will be made available during the course.


The examination will be oral about the treated course theory, the lab report(s), and studied articles. You have give a detailed presentation about your project results, and give a demonstration.
Date: typical end of June, early July.

Grading depends on your report, presentation, quality of the build vehicle, and your demonstration.

Related material and other links

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