Embedded Visual Control (5LIA0)

2021 (4th Quarter, Apr - July)

Code : 5LIAO
Lecturers : Prof. dr. Henk Corporaal, Dr. Dragan Kostic,  Dr. Egor Bondarav, Ir. Barry de Bruin, Ir. Martin Roa Villescas
Email : H.Corporaal; E.Bondarev;  E.D.Bruin; M.Roa.Villescas at tue.nl at tue.nl
Phone : TU/e: +31-40-247 5195  (secr. TU/e) / 5462 (office TU/e)
Assistance: Ir. Barry de Bruin, Ir. Martin Roa Villescas
Prerequisets: Course in computer architecture and processor design; very good programming skills (C, C++, or equivalent)


Information on the course:Solar Car build during the
        course EVC

Description and objectives

The embedded visual control course aims at understanding and combining three important areas of engineering, namely, computer vision, control theory and embedded computation. For each discipline the student should become familiar with the main theories, mathematical formalism and practical issues.
The course is project driven. You have to build your own system.

This year we build a solar driven, autonomously driving car (see picture). The basic material for building this car will be provided. You can 3D-print extra parts, and extend in other ways.

This will be quite a challenging course, but the rewards will be high; you will learn a lot.
Only highly motivated students will be allowed to follow this course.


In this course you will learn:
- to build a complete embedded system
- basic vision (recognition) techniques, either based on a classical vision filter pipeline, or on newer deep learning based methods.
- control principles, from PID to more advanced control
- embedded processors (Raspberry Pi 3/4 and an extreme low costArduino) and their system software
- several processor communication and I/O techniques
- integrating all above and demonstrating a real-world problem

Apart from studying the required material / lectures on Vision, Control and Embedded Processing Systems, the course will be largely based on project work. Students will be divided into groups of typical 3 people working the project, dividing tasks into mechanics, vision, 3D-printing and car extensions, embedded control, embedded processing, testing, etc.


Slides will be made available herePowerfull embedded
      processor used in EVC


The project in this course is centered around a self driving solar car.
You'll get most of the parts for building this car. After building you have to connect the electronics, install system software, make your own software for vision and control, and test it out.
Further project details will be made available during the course.


The examination will be oral (by presentation and demonstration).
Grading depends on your report, presentation, quality of the build vehicle, and your demonstration.

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