Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach

Code  : ET4-074
Course year : 2000/2001
Lecturer : dr. H. Corporaal
Tel. : 85021
Email :
Teaching assistants : MSc. A. Cilio and Ir. S. Roos
Tel. : 83643 / 86177
Email : /

Description :
Studying the architecture and organization of the newest microprocessors currently on the market, and the latest research developments in computer architecture.
Quantifying design decisions in terms of performance and cost.

Subjects: basic principles (instruction set design, etc.), pipelining and its consequences. Exploiting instruction level parallelism (ILP). VLIW (very long instruction word), Superpipelined, Superscalar and SIMD processors. Out-of-order execution. Branch prediction. Data prediction. Speculative execution. Design of advanced memory hierarchies. Code generation and scheduling principles. Input and output.
See also course schedule (postscript or pdf).

Prerequisites : ET2-010 or ET09-10
Total Study hours : 100 uren
Credits : 2.5 points
Lecture hours : 24 hours

Examination: Assignment (Usually a literature research or small experimental lab assignment)

Study material and other links

  1. Hennessy, J.L en D.A. Patterson: Computer Architecture: A Quantative Approach; second edition, 1996
  2. Handouts during the lectures
  3. Literature and Suggested study topics
  4. Interesting architecture links
Student assignments:
  1. Students course 2000/2001
  2. Student assignments [course 2000/2001]

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