Advanced Computer Architecture and Embedded System Design

Code : et4-226 (previously et04-ACA)
Lecturers : dr. H. Corporaal and dr. P. Knijnenburg
TEL. : 31-15-278 6196 (secr. Delft)
              31-71-527 7063 (secr. Leiden)

 Course description :
The Delft University of Technology and the Leiden University of have set up a new course on system design. In this course we learn how to design advanced processors and embedded systems.

An embedded system is an information processing system which determines or controls to a large extent the behavior of a larger system. Embedded systems play a major role in life; e.g., the number of embedded processors with embedded software used by each person per day is about 50, and this number increases rapidly; the number of embedded processors sold annually is about a factor 20 more than general purpose processors. Given that embedded systems are of special importance to the industry and the academic community we dedicate substantial attention on engineering issues (both hardware and software) associated with such systems.

We will use follow the whole design trajectory, from specification, partitioning, implementation (software in C and hardware in VHDL), code generation and synthesis, to hardware technology (library or cell) mapping. Elaborate lab exercises will supplement the course. In order to make quick prototyping and realizations possible we use advanced FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and corresponding design tools.

Keywords: Hardware-Software CoDesign, Fast prototyping, VHDL, FPGA, Partitioning, Specification

Credits : 3 or more points
Lectures : 10 x 3 hours
Handouts: VHDL tutorial, slides and other material
Lab excercises : 3 large lab experiments
Grading : through oral presentations and written report
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  1. Feb 4   : Introduction + VHDL part 1
  2. Feb 18 : VHDL part2
  3. Mar 4  : MIPS processor implementation details
  4. Mar 18: Tooling 1: High level synthesis
  5. Apr 1  : Tooling 2: Logic synthesis
  6. Apr 15: Tooling 3: Technology mapping + FPGAs
  7. Apr 29: Specification and Verification
  8. May 20: Transport Triggered Architectures and Embedded System Design
  9. Jun 10 :  Students project proposals
  10. Sep ?   : Student results presentations

Handouts (will be extended):

Lab exercises:

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