Imagine assignment.


Dear processor architects (yeah, right),


We assume youíve gotten familiar with the Imagine tools by now, so itís time to do something that actually seems relevant.

The good news is that we decided to enable you to distinguish (for good or bad) yourselves from your colleague students, thereby making our own lives more difficult: Make your own damn assignment!!

This isnít a joke: Look for an application that you like and implement it on Imagine. You can work in pairs, but you will be examined individually. Find one or more processor dimensionings that offer a good tradeoff between cost and performance. Make the important engineering decisions explicit in your report and motivate them. In the Imagine machine description files area numbers are given. Use these numbers, along with the performance numbers from the simulator, to evaluate your design. Submit your report March 19 at the latest. Consider your self a designer. Consider me a client.


Examples of questions we may ask: