MOVE (ISA) processor board (1993)


PHD  and PDEng students

PHD and PDEng students (co-)supervised by Henk Corporaal
Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
Delft University of Technology (TUDelft)
                                                Katholic University Leuven (KULeuven)


Current PhD students (at TU/e)

  1. Erkut Akdag
    Anomaly detection to improve safety, using Deep Learning techniques
    PhD student with Peter de With and Egor Bondarev
    EDL project P2
  2. Sherif Eissa
    Efficient Deep Learning program, project P7 on Energy Efficient Processing Platforms for Deep Learning
    Co-promotor: Sander Stuijk (TU/e)
  3. Floran de Putter
    Design, Implementation and Architectures for Deep Neural Networks supporting Smart Mobility
    Smart Mobility project with EE-VCA and NXP
    Co-promotor: Gijs Dubbelman (TU/e)
  4. Sun Wei
    ZERO program, project P3 on Autonomous Roadside Monitoring
    Applying Deep Learning for Scene recognition, with Vinotion (Eindhoven)
    Supervision/co-promotors: Andrew Nelson (TU/e), Sander Stuijk (TU/e), Rob Wijnhoven (Vinotion Eindhoven)
  5. Berk Ulker
    ZERO program, project P3 on Autonomous Roadside Monitoring
    Efficient Deep Learning using GPUs, with Vinotion (Eindhoven)
    Co-promotors: Sander Stuijk (TU/e), Rob Wijnhoven (Vinotion,Eindhoven)
  6. Ali Banagozar
    MNEMOSENE project: In-memory computing, using Memristor crossbars
    Efficient Memristor based Compute architectures
    Co-promotor: Sander Stuijk (TU/e)
  7. Kanishkan Vadivel
    MNEMOSENE project In-memory computing, using Memristor crossbars
    Code generation for Memristor based architectures
    Co-promotor: Roel Jordans (TU/e)
  8. Martin Roa Villescas
    ZERO program, project P2 on Autonomous Acoustic Systems (AAS)
    Efficient architectures for Bayesian Learning, with Sorama and Resound (Eindhoven)
  9. Barry de Bruin
    Brain Wave Computing: Extreme Low Power Computer Architecture foor 24/7 EEG measurement
    Supervision: Jos Huisken
  10. Patrick Wijnings
    ZERO program, project P2 on Autonomous Acoustic Systems (AAS)
    Efficient Bayesian Learning, with Sorama (Eindhoven)
  11. Sayandip De
    Approximate Computing
    Approimate at circuit and system level, approximate HLS
  12. Mahsa Mousavi
    Fault tolerant computing, in particular for FPGA designs
    Part of the ASSUME project
    Co-promotor: Hamid Pourshaghaghi (Radboud Univ Nijmegen / Berkeley Univ)

Graduated PhD students at TU/e:

  1. Stefano Corda
    Graduated December 19, 2022
    Characterization and Acceleration of High Performance Compute Workloads
    2nd promotor: Akash Kumar (TUDresden), co-promotor Roel Jordans (TU/e)
    Part of our NeMeCo project on near-memory computing (with IBM and ASTRON).
  2. Bojian Yin
    Graduated December 14, 2022
    CWI student; first promotor Sander Bohte (UvA/CWI), co-promotor Federico Corradi (TUE)
    High Performance Spiking Neural Networks
    EDL project 7
  3. Luc Waeijen
    Co-promotor: Yifan He (Reconova / Xiamen University of Technology, China)
    Graduated: Sep 22, 2022
    Improving compute and data efficiency of flaxible architectures.
    About: Efficient mapping of Deep Learning algortihms, in particular of CNNs (Convolution Neural Networks), by advanced loop transformations exploiting local scratchpad memories through loop tiling, loop interchange, layer fusion, and data recomputation.
    Low power SIMDs (vector processors)
  4. Kamlesh Singh
    Second promotor; First promotor Jose Pineda (NXP); co-promotor: Hailong Jiao
    Voltage stacking for near/sub-threshold operation
    Brain Wave Project: extreme low power circuit and VLSI solutions.
    Graduated: Sep 21, 2021
  5. Lorenzo Chelini
    Co-promotors: Roel Jordans (TU/e) and Tobias Grosser (ETH Zurich / Univ. of Edinburgh)
    Abstraction raising in general purpose compilers
    Graduated: Aug 31, 2021
  6. Gagandeep Singh
    Designing Modeling, and Optimizing Data-Intensive Computing Systems
    2nd promotor: Onur Mutlu (ETH Zurich)
    Co-promotor: Sander Stuijk (TU/e)
    Graduated: March 29, 2021
  7. Savvas Sioutas
    Automatic scheduling of image processing pipelines
    2nd promoter Twan Basten (TU/e)
    Graduated at TU/e, December 18, 2020
  8. Mark Wijtvliet
    BLOCKS, a Coarse Grain Reconfigurable Array processor
    Graduated at TU/e:  July 1, 2020
    2nd promotor: Akash Kumar (TUDresden)
  9. Joao Bastos
    Second promotor; First promoter Jeroen Voeten
    Modular Specification and Design Exploration for Flexible Manufacturing Systems
    Graduated at TU/e: December 3, 2018
  10. Umar Waqas
    OCE Venlo
    Online scheduling of flowshops with bounded delays, re-entrance and sequence dependent setup times
    Graduated at TU/e, November 23, 2017
  11. Maurice Peemen
    Architectures and Accelerators for Convolutional Neural Networks, heavily exploiting Data Reuse by proper Loop-Transformations
    Graduated at TU/e, October 12, 2017
  12. Ang Li
    GPU Performance Modeling and Optimization
    Joined degree PhD program with NUS, National University of Singapore
    Graduated at TU/e on October 18, 2016
  13. Francesco Comaschi (2nd promotor Twan Basten)
    Robust online face detection and tracking
    Graduated: October 4, 2016
  14. Rik Jongerius
    System modeling and Accelerators for the SKA: Square Kilometer Array (Antenna)
    Graduated: 20 September 2016
  15. Roel Jordans
    Instruction-set Architecture Synthesis for VLIW Processors
    Graduated: 1 December 2015
  16. Gert-Jan van den Braak
    Improving GPU Performance; reducing memory conflicts and latency
    Graduated: 25 November 2015
    GPU-CC, a reconfigurable GPU architecture with Communicating Cores
  17. Raymond Frijns
    Dataflow-based Multi-ASIP Platform and Design framework for Digital Control Applications
    Graduated: April 29, 2015
  18. Firew Siyoum
    Design-time Analysis of Real-time Dynamic Streaming Applications
    Graduated:  November 19, 2014
  19. Dongrui She
    Compiler and Design Framework for Low Energy Wide SIMD Architectures with Explicit Datapath
    Graduated: November 27, 2014
  20. Cedric Nugteren (2nd promotor Prof. Henri Bal, VU Amsterdam)
    Improving the programmability of GPUs
    Graduated: April 30, 2014
    2nd promotor: Henri Bal (VU Amsterdam)
  21. Morteza Damavandpeyma (2nd promotor Prof. Twan Basten)
    Model-Driven Scheduling of Dynamic Streaming Applications on MPSoCs
    Graduated: October 24, 2013
  22. Yifan He
    Low Power Architectures for Streaming Applications
    Graduated: October 13, 2013
  23. Tommi Maata
    Philips Research
    Sensor Fusion in Smart Camera Networks for Ambient Intelligence
    Graduated: July 1, 2013
  24. Yang Yang (2nd promotor, 1th promotor Prof. Twan Basten)
    Exploring resource/performance trade-offs for streaming applications on embedded multiprocessors
    Graduated: July2, 2012
  25. Orlando Moreira
    Temporal Analysis and Scheduling of Hard-Real Time Radios running on a Multi-Processor
    Graduated: January 10, 2012
  26. Ahsan Shabbir
    Predictable Multi-Processor System on Chip Design for Multimedia Applications
    Graduated: November 10, 2011
  27. Mathias Funk
    On the design of Self-Obeserving Systems
    Graduated: March 23, 2011
  28. Benny Akesson NXP-TUE (2nd promotor; 1th promotor Kees Goossens)
    Predictable and Composable System-on-Chip Memory Controllers
    Graduated February 24, 2010
  29. Rob Hoes NUS - TUE
    Configuring Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks under Quality-of-Service Constraints
    Graduated Oct 5, 2009
  30. Pu Yu NUS-TUE (2nd promotor, 1th promotor Jose Pineda)
    On the Road towards Robust and UltraLow Energy CMOS Digital Circuits Using Sub/Near Threshold Power Supply
    Graduated September 23, 2009
  31. Andreas Hansson NXP-TUE (with 2nd promotor Kess Goossens)
    A Composable and Predictable On-Chip Interconnect
    Graduated June 17, 2009
  32. Arno Moonen (2nd promotor with 1th promotor Ralph Otten)
    Predictable Embedded Multiprocessor Architecture for Streaming Applications
    Graduated June 15, 2009
  33. Akash Kumar TUE - NUS
    Design of predictable multi-processor systems and their resource management
    Graduated April 28, 2009
  34. Calin Ciordas (Co-Promotor Prof. Twan Basten)
    Monitoring-Aware Network-on-Chip Design
    Graduated: December 15, 2008
  35. Vincent Nollet IMEC
    Centralized Run-Time Resource Management for Future MPSoC Platforms
    Graduated 24 April 2008
  36. Valentin Gheorghita TUE
    FAME, flexible application mapping environment
    Graduated 4 December 2007
  37. Oana Florescu TUE
    BODERC project: modeling RT controlers
    Graduated 4 December 2007

  38. Sander Stuijk TUE
    PROMES: PROgramming Multi-processor Embedded multi-media Systems
    Graduated 25 October 2007
  39. Martin Palkovic IMEC D6
    Tradeoffs for applying Global Loop Transformations
    Graduated 24 September 2007
  40. Theo Marescaux IMEC
    Mapping and Management of Communication Services on MP-SoC Platforms
    Graduated 7 September 2007
  41. Kristof Denolf IMEC D6
    Coding Efficiency and Complexity Efficiency Relationship of Hybrid MC/DCT Video Codecs
    Graduated 7 June 2007
  42. Hamed Fatemi TUE
    Design of intelligent camera architectures (SmartCam)
    Graduated 21 March 2007
  43. Andrei Terechko Philips
    Design of Clustered VLIW architectures
    Graduated 5 February, 2007
  44. Jinfeng Huang (2nd promotor)
    1th promotor: Ralph Otten, co-promotor: Jeroen Voeten
    Predictability in Real-Time Software Design
    Graduated at TU/e, Sept 7, 2005
  45. Bart Theelen (2nd promotor)
    1th promotor: Ralph Otten; co-promotor: Jeroen Voeten
    Performance Modelling for System-Level Design
    Graduated at TU/e, Nov 25, 2004

Graduated PhD students at KULeuven (Belgium)

  1. Zhe Ma IMEC / KULeuven (2nd promotor, 1th promotor: Prof Francky Catthoor, IMEC / KULeuven)
    Exploration of interleaving tasks for power-efficient mapping of multi-media applications
    Graduated 24 January 2006 
  2. Tom Vander Aa KULeuven ACCA (1th promotor)
    Efficient use of the Instruction Memory Hierarchy through advanced Program Transformations
    Graduated 29 September 2005
  3. Murali Jayapala KULeuven ACCA  (Co-promotor, 1th promotor: Prof Francky Catthoor, IMEC / KULeuven)
    Distributed loop buffers: an energy efficient and scalable instruction memory hierarchy
    Graduated 29 September 2005
  4. Francisco Barat KULeuven ACCA (1th promotor)
    CRISP: an energy efficient reconfigurable VLIW architecture

    Graduated 24 May 2005

Graduated PhD students at TUDelft (The Netherlands)

  1. Andrea Cilio (2nd promotor, 1th promotor Ad van de Goor)
    Compiler optimizations for embedded applications
    Graduated September 23, 2002
  2. Johan Janssen (2nd promotor, 1th promotor Ad van de Goor)
    Integrated register allocation and scheduling for TTAs
    Graduated September 17 2001
  3. Marnix Arnold (co-promotor, promotor Ad van de Goor)
    Instruction set determination and scheduling for embedded applications
    Graduated March 5, 2001
  4. Jan Hoogerbrugge  (co-promotor, promotor Ad van de Goor)
    Code generation for Transport Triggered Architectures
    Graduated February 5, 1996

Graduated PDEng students at TU/e and TUDelft (The Netherlands)

  1. Shakith Fernando (TU/e)
    PDEng Student
    MAMPSx: a framework for rapid design of predictable, heterogeneous MPSoCs
    Graduated: June 22, 2015
  2. Alicia Sanchez Crespo (TU/e)
    Investigation of applications for CMOS sensor
    Research performed at NXP
    Graduated September 12, 2013
  3. Panos Afxentis Axentis (TU/e)
    Automatic Quality Control for Apples
    Research performed at ELLIPS
    Graduated September 12, 2013
  4. Charles Greiner, PDEng student, SAI-ICT direction (TU/e)
    Automating the integration of SoC virtual prototypes
    Graduated 29 March 2006
  5. Eddy Olk (Chartered Engineer; TWAIO) (TUDelft)
    PARSE: Parallel Architecture Simulation Environment
    Graduated 1995

Other PhD / PDEng students:

  1. Mohammad Emad
    EDL program, project P4 on Deep Learning for High-Tech Systems & Materials
    With Thermo Fisher (Eindhoven)
    Co-promotor: Maurice Peemen (Thermo Fisher, Eindhoven)
    Moved to Teledyne Dalsa in 3rd year, doing FPGA implementations.
  2. Li Guoqing
    Exchange student from Southeast University of Nanjing
    Deep Learning: improved (efficient) models and hardware acceleration
    July 2021 - August 2022 @ TUE
    Graduated at Southeast Univ. of Nanjing, China, Sept 2022.
  3. Alexandre S. Nery (UFRJ Brasil)
    Efficient hardware sharing of custom instructions in ASIPs
    Dual degree PhD program with URFJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), Brasil
    Together with Lech Jozwiak, Felipe Franca and Nadia Nedjah.
    Graduated at UFRJ, December 2014
  4. Gerard Nanninga (TU/e 2011-2017)
    Smart Appliance contribution for Demand Elasticity
  5. Mohammad Tahghighi (TU/e 2017)
    BrainWave project: Design of a flexible, energy efficient architecture for EEG analysis
  6. Tong Geng (TU/e 2016)
    Fault Tolerant Computing: Making SIMDs fault tolerant
    (was part of the ASSUME project)
    Graduated from Boston Univ, Dec 2020
  7. Erkan Diken
    Construction and exploitation of VLIW ASIPS with heterogeneous SIMD-Widths
    TU/e 2013-2017
  8. Zhenyu Ye (TU/e)
    Modeling and Design Space Exploration of CPSs (Cyber Physical Systems), in particular adaptable embedded vision controled mechatronic systems. PhD student in our EVA project.
    Promotors Henk Nijmeijer and Pieter Jonker
    Graduated: May 26, 2020
  9. Amir Hossein Ghamarian TUE
    PROMES: PROgramming Multi-processor Embedded multi-media Systems
    Timing analysis of data flow graphs
    Graduated at TU/e in 2008
  10. Peter Vanbroekhoven KULeuven Computer Science
    Program transformations for Dynamic Single Assignment and Pointer removal: enabling data memory optimizations
  11. Erik Brockmeijer IMEC D6 (Desics Division)
    Optimizing the data memory hierarchy by actively exploiting data reuse
  12. Rose Lu Xiujuan NUS - TUE
    New Generation Robotics: combining a mini- and a maxi-robot
    Finished Master of Engineering NUS, 2007
  13. Hamid Shojaei TUE
    Dependable Sensor Networks
  14. Steven Roos TUDelft
    Scheduling for arbitrarily connected VLIW processor architectures
  15. Marian Stanca TUDelft
    Low power issues in code generation and architecture design
  16. Jeroen Hordijk TUDelft
  17. Multi-threaded architectures
  18. Paul van der Arend (TWAIO) TUDelft
    Design and implementation of the MOVE32INT processor