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Project Description

Brain-related diseases, such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disease, are degrading people’s quality of life and even endangering people’s lives. Few of the disease cases can be cured by medication. A lot of the patients have to go to specialized hospitals to receive continuous monitoring of their electroencephalogram (EEG) signals, where the cost is extremely high. It is a fact that the current EEG sensing/processing platforms used in advanced hospitals are still bulky wired equipment attached to the patient’s head. This kind of equipment is also power hungry and not self-sustainable, thereby far from being wearable. Although wearable devices is ubiquitous in consumer electronics market, those patients with brain diseases have not benefitted from the advance of electronic technology.

In this Brainwave project, we target to develop a wearable brainwave processing platform for 24/7 healthcare of epilepsy and Parkinson’s Disease patients in non-hospital environments. The key contribution of this wearable platform is a novel brainwave processor which will be used to process the EEG signals that are collected non-invasively by multi-channel sensors on the platform. Ultra-low-power on-chip context-aware patient-specific signal processing together with features such as data logging and cloud connection will make this brainwave processing platform really wearable and suitable for non-hospital environments.

NWO TTW BrainWave


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