Kees Goossens's Students

Kees Goossens's Students

All MSc projects are 7.5 months; summer internships are not an option, don't expect a reply if you try anyway.
See the Contact page to contact me: For example, there are open positions on the following topics: (Almost) all MSc projects result in an international conference publication, and some even with a best-paper award. Contact me if you're interested in these or related topics.

Document guidelines (v2.1, updated 4/4/18): a basic checklist when writing papers, technical notes, reviews, emails, source code, etc.

I currently (co)-supervise the following students:

  1. Saeid Dehnavi (PhD, TUE) with Dip Goswami
  2. Alessandro Frigerio (PhD, TUE / NXP) with Bart Vermeulen (NXP)
  3. Zhan Gao (PhD, TUE) with Erik Jan Marinissen (IMEC) and Jos Huisken
  4. Mojtaba Haghi (PhD, TUE) with Dip Goswami
  5. Hamideh Hajizadeh (PhD, TUE) with Majid Nabi
  6. Marzieh Hashemipour (PhD, TUE) with Alexios Balatsoukas-Stimming
  7. Weijiang Kong (PhD, TUE) with Majid Nabi
  8. Shayan Tabatabaei (PhD, TUE) with Dip Goswami and Marc Geilen
  9. Juan Valencia (PhD, TUE) with Dip Goswami
  1. Dennis van den Brandt (MSc, TUE) at TUE
  2. Goutham M S (MSc, TUE) at NXP
  3. Dennis van de Schagt (MSc, TUE) at TUE
  4. Simon de Vegt (MSc, TUE) at Prodrive

Past students and collaborators are:

  1. Hadi Ahmadi (PhD, TUE) with Jose Pineda (NXP, TUE)
  2. Benny Akesson (MSc, Lund University) and Benny Akesson (PhD, TUE) with Henk Corporaal and Jef van Meerbergen
  3. Ekrem Altinel (MSc, TUE) with Ingo Sander (KTH) and Martijn Koedam (TUE)
  4. Jude Angelo Ambrose (postdoc at TUD)
  5. Alexandre Amory (PhD, Universidade de Rio Grande do Sul) with Erik Jan Marinissen
  6. Arnaldo Azevedo (postdoc, TUD)
  7. Ruud Bauhaus (BSc, TUE)
  8. Bryan van de Belt (MSc, TUE) with Martijn Koedam
  9. Ruud Benjaminsen (MSc, TUD) with Jos Huisken at IMEC-NL
  10. Ardy van den Berg (MSc, TUD) with Erik Jan Marinissen
  11. Glenn Bergmans (MSc, TUE) at Topic
  12. Glenn Bergmans (BSc, TUE) with Martijn Koedam
  13. Coen Beurskens (MSc, TUE) at Topic with Dirk van den Heuvel
  14. Ashkan Beyranvand Nejad (PhD, TUD) with Anca Molnos (CEA)
  15. Ashkan Beyranvand Nejad (MSc, KTH) with Bart Vermeulen
  16. Sean Boree (MSc, TUE) at Thales
  17. Gabriela Breaban (PhD, TUE) with Sander Stuijk
  18. Duko Bruijnstens (MSc, TUE) with Roger Jacobs at Topic
  19. Victor Camelo Romero (MSc, TUE) with Jeroen Voeten and Nikola Gidalov at ASML
  20. Karthik Chandrasekar (PhD, TUD) with Benny Akesson
  21. Calin Ciordas (MSc, PhD TUE) with Jef van Meerbergen
  22. Valeriu Codreanu (at TUE)
  23. Juul Diks (MSc, TUE) at Prodrive with Bas van der Oest
  24. Manil Dev Gomony (PhD, TUE) with Benny Akesson
  25. Razvan Dinu (MSc, TUE)
  26. Rob van Eerdewijk (BSc, TUE) with Martijn Koedam
  27. Marcus Ekerhult (MSc, Lund) with Andreas Hansson
  28. Matias Escudero Martinez (MSc, TUD) with Ashkan Beyranvand Nejad (TUD)
  29. Gijs van Esch (MSc, TUE) at Topic with Dirk van den Heuvel
  30. Tomaz Felicijan (PhD, Manchester University)
  31. Sahar Foroutan (TIMA)
  32. Stephany Gamiz Perez (MSc, TUE) at Topic
  33. Om Prakash Gangwal (MSc, IIT Delhi) with Rafael Peset LLopis
  34. Sven Goossens (PhD, TUE) with Benny Akesson
  35. Aditya Halim (MSc, TUE) at NXP
  36. Andreas Hansson (MSc, Lund University)
  37. Andreas Hansson (PhD, TUE) with Jef van Meerbergen
  38. Maarten Hattink (BSc, TUE) with Martijn Koedam
  39. Willis Hayes (MSc, TUE) with Benny Akesson
  40. Rien van Hulten (MSc, TUE) at Topic
  41. Steven Hunsche (MSc, TUE) at Topic with Dirk van den Heuvel
  42. Ilja Ivanovs (MSc, TUE) at Topic with Dirk van den Heuvel
  43. Dustin Pinedo Hernandez (MSc, TUE) with Jeroen Voeten at ASML
  44. Jae Young Hur (PhD, TUD) with Stephan Wong (TUD)
  45. Muhammad Islam (MSc, KTH)
  46. Robbert-Jan de Jager (MSc, TUE) with Martijn Koedam and Andrew Nelson
  47. Rene de Jong (MSc, TUE) with Andreas Hansson at ARM Ltd
  48. Kees van Kaam (MSc, TUE)
  49. Reinier van Kampenhout (PhD, TUE) with Sander Stuijk
  50. Turhan Karadeniz (MSc, TUD) with Lotfi Mhamdi
  51. Anand Khot (MSc, TUD) with Pieter van der Wolf (Synopsys) and Benny Akesson (TUE)
  52. Bhargav Kinnal (MSc, TUE) at Punch Powertrain
  53. Carlo Kleinendorst (MSc, TUE) at Technolution
  54. Peter Klerks (MSc, TUE) with Rafael Peset at Axon
  55. Tim Kouters (MSc, TUE) with Benny Akesson (TUE)
  56. Jasper Kuijsten (MSc, TUE) with Benny Akesson and Sven Goossens
  57. Rachana Kumar (PhD, TUE) with Marc Geilen
  58. Swati Kunwar (MSc, TUE) with Andrew Nelson
  59. Aster Leegwater (MSc, TUD) with Anca Molnos (TUD)
  60. Shiqi Li (PhD, TUD)
  61. Yonghui Li (PhD, TUE) with Benny Akesson
  62. Pablo Martin (MSc, TUE) at NXP with Bart Vermeulen
  63. Cor Meenderinck (postdoc, TUD)
  64. Tali Milea (MSc, TUE) with Marc Geilen and Mohammad Mousavi
  65. Lotfi Mhamdi (postdoc, TUD)
  66. Aleksandar Milutinovic (PhD, UT) with Gerard Smit
  67. Davit Mirzoyan (PhD, TUD) with Benny Akesson
  68. Anca Molnos (postdoc, TUD)
  69. Paul Mos (MSc, TUE) at Prodrive
  70. Srinivasan Murali (PhD, Stanford)
  71. Ghazaleh Nazarian (MSc, TUD) with Said Hamdioui
  72. Andrew Nelson (PhD, TUD)
  73. Ba Thang Nguyen (MSc, TUD) with Anca Molnos (TUD)
  74. Douwe van Nijnatten (MSc, TUE) with Andrew Nelson (TUD)
  75. Sjoerd te Pas (MSc, TUE) with Andrew Nelson (TUD) and Benny Akesson (TUE)
  76. Vishnu Pasupula (MSc, TUE) with Reinier van Kampenhout
  77. Peter van der Perk (MSc, TUE) at NXP with Andrei Terechko
  78. Daan Peters (MSc, TUE) with Martijn Koedam and Andrew Nelson
  79. Thomas Philipp (MSc, Aachen University)
  80. Peter Poplavko (PhD, TUE) with Jef van Meerbergen
  81. Wisnu Pramadi (BSc, TUE) with Reinier van Kampenhout, Martijn Koedam
  82. Alexandru Ionut Pustianu (MSc, TUE) with Bart Vermeulen at NXP
  83. Remy Quist (MSc, TUE) at Prodrive
  84. Gaurav Raina (BSc, TUE) with Reinier van Kampenhout, Martijn Koedam
  85. Marco Rompen (BSc, TUE) with Martijn Koedam
  86. Xiao Ru (MSc, KTH)
  87. Pengwei Ren (MSc, TUD) with Erik Jan Marinissen
  88. Markus Ringhofer (MSc, Lund University)
  89. Thijs Schenkelaars (MSc, TUE) with Bart Vermeulen
  90. Prathiba Sharma (MSc, IIRT Delhi) with Andrei Radulescu
  91. Dongrui She (MSc, TUE) with Aleksandar Milutinov
  92. Winston Siauw (MSc, TUD) with Benny Akesson
  93. Shubhendu Sinha (PhD, TUE) with Marc Geilen
  94. Karthik Sridharan (MSc, TUE) with Majid Nabi and Bart Vermeulen (NXP)
  95. Remco van Steeden (MSc, UT) with Bart Vermeulen
  96. Radu Stefan (PhD, TUD)
  97. Eelke Strooisma (MSc, TUD) with Benny Akesson
  98. Mahesh Subburaman (MSc, TU/e) with Andreas Hansson
  99. Deepak Sudhakar (MSc, TUE) with Majid Nabi and Bart Vermeulen (NXP)
  100. Rasool Tavakoli (PhD, TUE) with Majid Nabi and Twan Basten
  101. Rikard Thid (PhD, KTH) with Axel Jantsch
  102. Siddharth Umrani (MSc, TUD) with Bart Vermeulen
  103. Eunice Valdez (MSc, TUD) with Bart Vermeulen
  104. Iria Varela (MSc, TUD) with Lotfi Mhamdi
  105. Muhammad Aqeel Wahlah (PhD, TUD)
  106. Uri Wiener (MSc, TUE) with Andreas Hansson at ARM Ltd
  107. Jason de Windt (MSc, TUD) with Radu Stefan
  108. Bas de Wit (BSc, TUE) with Dip Goswami
  109. Getachew Teshome Woldegebreal (MSc, TUD) with Benny Akesson
  110. Mahdi Zahedi (PhD, TUE) with Marc Geilen
  111. Pavel Zaykov (PhD, TUD) with Anca Molnos (CEA) and Georgi Kuzmanov (EU)
  112. Ying Zhang (PDEng, TUE) with Ashkan Beyranvand (TUD)
  113. Jinbo Zhou (MSc, TUE) at Topic
  114. Kristiaan Zoontjes (MSc, TUE) at Prodrive

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