5MD00 Single Core assignment website 2014/2015

Single Core assignment website

Welcome to the single-core assignment page of 5MD00 - Advanced Computer Architecture. The purpose of this assignment is to:
  • Have in-depth understanding of superscalar architectures
  • Learn how to find a suitable superscalar architecture for a specific benchmark through Design Space Exploration (DSE)
The SimpleScalar tool set is a suite of computer simulation tools that provide both detailed and high-performance simulation of microprocessors. It used to be very popular, e.g., in 2000, more than one-third of all papers published in top computer architecture conferences used the SimpleScalar tools to evaluate their designs.

Wattch is an architectural simulator that estimates CPU power consumption. The power estimates are based on a suite of parameterizable power models for different hardware structures and on per-cycle resource usage counts generated through cycle level simulation. The power models have been integrated into the SimpleScalar architecture simulator.

Assignment deadline

The deadline for this assignment is 23-12-2014. The deadline has been extended by one week to 30-12-2014. Please note this deadline is hard and will NOT be moved again

Forum only via VPN

For security reasons the forum will only be accessible via TU/e VPN.

Assignment kick-off

The assignment will officially start at dd-12-2014. Before this time you can already download the Virtual Machine that will be used for the 5MD00 assignments (both the single- and multi core assignments), see the preparation page for more information on how to do this.

Die of a AT91 ARM based microcontroller