5SIA0 GPU assignment website 2015/2016

GPU assignment website

Welcome to the GPU assignment website, here we will post announcements, schedules , examples, etc.

Assignment deadline

The deadline of the assignment will announced.

Forum only via VPN

For security reasons the forum will only be accessible via TU/e VPN.

Assignment kick-off

Thursday the 3rd of December this assignment will be officially handed out, but you can already start with familiarizing yourself with OpenCL and (if you are interrested) CUDA. There are two versions of an example for matrix multiplication: one for OpenCL and another for CUDA. The CUDA version will treat code optimizations for GPU while the OpenCL version focusses more on the code structure of the OpenCV host and kernel files. Most optimizations described for CUDA can also be applied to OpenCL and it might be a good start into OpenCL to try these.
Also, the source code for the application is already available for people who want to start quickly. The application for this year's assignment will be a variant on the bitcoin mining applications that were very popular in recent years.