5SIA0 Multi Core assignment website 2015/2016

Multi Core assignment website

Welcome to the Multi Core assignment website, here we will post announcements, schedules , examples, etc.

The purpose of this assignment is to get familiar with multiprocessor architectures and their programming models. In this lab assignment, you will be asked to map a C program onto a multiprocessor system. With the help of Snipersim simulator, we will look at different configurations, e.g., the number of processors, block-size and associativity of different levels of caches. The goal is to optimize the Energy-Delay-Area-Product (EDAP) of the system. You can achieve this goal by improving the original C code, using OpenMP, and/or using any other creative methods. This assignment can be done in a group of two students, or individually.

Assignment deadline

The deadline for this assignment is December 7th 2015, 23:59 (UTC+1)

Forum only via VPN

For security reasons the forum will only be accessible via TU/e VPN.

Assignment kick-off

The assignment will officially start at 16-11-2015. Before this time you can already download the Virtual Machine that will be used for the 5SIA0 assignments (both the single- and multi core assignments), see the preparation page for more information on how to do this.

Die of a XEON Phi 51-core processor