Welcome to my personal web page. I am a researcher in the Electronic Systems Group of the Electrical Engineering Department at the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. My research interests include Compilation Techniques for, and Design Automation applied to, Application Specific Processors. I obtained my MSc degree from Eindhoven University Technology in 2009 and worked on the MAMPS tool flow as a researcher.

Between September 2010 and December 2014 I was involved in the ASAM project as a PhD student under the supervision of prof.dr. H. Corporaal and dr.ir. L. Jozwiak. In this project I worked on automatic VLIW data-path synthesis for ASIPs. As part of this research, I try to find the optimal issue-width and instruction-set of a VLIW processor based on the target application. An initial VLIW based processor architecture can then be proposed based on these estimates and is further refined using various exploration strategies. For this purpose I am combining the strengths of the LLVM compiler framework with custom exploration strategies.

During 2015 I finalized my and defended my dissertation while working on the STARS-JITC RP project, focussing on just-in-time compilation for reconfigurable platforms. Here the focus is on automatic parallelization of high-level C code using and improving the ASET and Bones tools previously developed in our group.

Currently I am supporting processor architecture research teams with developing compilers for their architectures. This applies for both industrial partners in the form of workshops and/or direct support, as well as for our own CGRA and SIMD architectures.

Contact info

Contact information can be found in the university white pages and research overview pages.